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Poor quality Sleep - how it affects you

  • I'm humble enough to know that better sleep can't solve every challenge we face but it definitely goes a long way. Better sleep brings a clearer mind

  • 2017 study showed poor sleep quality in women stands at 38.2%. Women were almost twice as likely as men to have poor quality of sleep. Age was directly and significantly associated with a low quality of sleep

  • 56% of women transitioning into menopause (perimenopause) get less sleep than they need

  • Humans are 60% more emotionally reactive when sleep deprived

  • Sleep deprivation typically causes people to feel hungrier. This is because their leptin levels drop, which subsequently causes an increase in appetite

  • The science community is learning now is that there is a huge link between mental health and sleep and one affects the other

  • We know that if you can't sleep it can feel difficult to operate normally. I'm so driven to bring better sleep to people because I know that if you’re more rested, you can be more yourself.

  • This is what inspires me everyday at Siest