Stress and anxiety are the leading causes of poor and broken sleep. We can't fix the reason behind your stress but we can help you manage it for better sleep. Quickly and medication free.

Who is this for? 

Stressed humans  Lonely humans  Grief Illness comfort Anxious Children and teens Busy parents Perimenoause anxiety Menopause sleep disturbance

Is this you? Your mind is racing when you get into bed? You save up all your worries till night? Waking up at 3 am and can't get back to sleep? Waking up with a start in the morning and starting to stress about everything again? We absolutely hear you. And know how hard it is. We’re here to help.

What's science? Using deep pressure therapy and proprioception the siest sleeper has a unique way to help. 

Place the sleeper on your chest at night to help calm you before bed. 

If you are too stressed or anxious to even do this simply lie on your side and hug the sleeper close into your body. And breathe.

This will help your body feel grounded. This is called proprioception and why you will feel comforted. The weight helps you start to be able shut your mind and thoughts down enough to sleep. 

Is it time to improve your sleep? Stress and anxiety at night are common

You know you need to break this pattern. And that can make it even harder because you can't chase sleep.We truly know it's hard. And no amount of nice candles will help. 

You can improve your sleep. And we think fixing your sleep is easier if you have a helping hand. It's time to get the support you deserve with a Siest sleeper. 

We always recommend talking to your GP if you have 3+ more nights of poor sleep a week for a period of 3 + months or if you are concerned. 

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