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"I've been missing yesterday... But what if there's a better place"

"I've been missing yesterday... But what if there's a better place"

Thank you Pink for the line! A better place is not waking up at 3 in the morning. A better place is learning how to self-comfort without needing to scroll on your phone. A better place with sleep, starts in the day. Forget about “trying” to make yourself fall asleep. Forget about “hoping” you don't wake up in the middle of the night. 

You can't instantly make yourself thirsty. You can't get goosebumps by "thinking about them". You can't make yourself shiver with excitement. Your body does these things naturally. Same with getting to sleep and feeling sleepy. Something sparks you to feel this way to help you fall asleep. I'll go into science another time. For now, I'll keep it simple. 

You need to focus on what sparks you to feel sleepy. It is not the same for everyone.  Start with what sparks you to feel relaxed? Here are 5 common Sleep sparks for you to try. (Please know everyone's different. This isn't medical advice. A Sleep consultant will provide personalized advice.)

1. You probably yawn if you're having a conversation you're not very interested in that's taking ages. So, suggest you add a long slow podcast to your playlist, pop in headphones and drift away..

2. If you run/ dance or workout you will feel “body tired”. Your body needs to repair. This happens while you sleep. Your body will encourage you to want sleep if you add some exercise to your day. Before dinner. 

3. Do carbs make you feel sleepy? Get some at dinner. Enough to snooze your body. Being hungry will make it harder to stay asleep. 

4. Does reading makes you close your eyes? Grab a book. Two pages. Dim the backlight if it's your kindle. 

5. Get your Orgasm game on. Simple, free and effective. Self medicate. Bit embarrassed? I hear you!. Not suggesting you do a reel. :) 

Sleep and feeling sleepy is not a trick. Repeating "I will sleep" will not make you fall asleep. 

Find what makes your gorgeous body slow down and calm itself. Find what sparks sleep for you. For me, it's getting air outside in the day... And knowing I've achieved something on my list.