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Better sleep for your New Year resolution

You've got your New Year's resolutions in check, you’ve made a list of changes, personally I’ve finally bought the  juicer I always meant to buy. But truly what links fitness, mental health, physical health and core happiness, is sleep. It is key to success.

It is in fact so important that it's a little mind boggling that we don't think about how to improve it every day.  If you have children you most likely spend hours learning, reading and studying how to put them to sleep and help them sleep on their own (self soothe). But as adults we simply get into bed, close our eyes and are either able to sleep. Or not!

If you're currently going through peri or menopause you know how drastically naive it is to think that sleep would always be there and be accessible.  Sleep skills can be learnt. Sleep techniques can be practiced. You have a choice. You’re in control. At Siest we do one thing. Our mission is to help you sleep and we want to help you to do this easily. 

Your sleep can be restful, how to sleep can be practiced and yes, it can be deliciously enjoyable. We think if you sleep better that you can be the best version of you. 

Top 3 easy actions for better January sleep:

  • Go outside. Get more sunlight. I know it’s not always easy. The hailstones were so big this morning they hurt my face. But getting out more, before lunch will absolutely impact your sleep at night. Even a 10min brisk walk before your breakfast is impactful. 

  • Show you care. Send a text to someone telling them you are thinking of them. And ask them how they are. Why ? The fastest way to happiness is to show kindness for someone else. (Thanks to Yale university for this nugget). Also takes your mind off what's on your mind.

  • Write it down. In the morning straight away, 60 seconds, write down how you slept. If you write it down you can start to see how to improve your sleep. Did you fall asleep easily? Did you wake up during the night ? Why? What did you do in the hour before bed? Were you too hot, too cold? There is a big difference between a sleep journal and a tracker. See my earlier blog post. A journal is useful to give you a better sense of what actually you are doing before and what your environment is like and how you are feeling.

January can be a month for a lot of pressure to basically change all the things you wish you could but at Siest we see January as a preparing for Spring. What can we do now to make us feel great. Helping you sleeping restfully is our only focus.