Weighted Sleep Pillow

Designed to reduce snoring, soreness or stress. So you can sleep. Better.
We invented the first sensory weighted sleeper that works quickly. Feels gorgeous, is ethically made and stays cool all night. For children 5+, teenagers and adults.

 Hold ~ Hug ~ Sleep 

A sensory weighted pillow that helps you sleep and fall back asleep sleep quickly

Works using deep pressure therapy and proprioception 

Recommended by Occupational therapists, menopause consultants, physiotherapists and consultants

Reduce Anxiety

 (feeling grounded)

✔ Instant calm when you place on your chest and breathe

✔  Fall asleep faster with deep pressure therapy

 Helps centre you through proprioception (feel grounded) 

✔ Increase oxytocin by hugging the sleeper  

For children 5+, teenagers and adults

It won't go flat

Place between knees to ease knee/ hip/ back discomfort 

✓ Reduce snoring. Place behind back to encourage side sleeping. Known to reduce snoring and help sleep apnea

Weighted with rounded glass beads and wrapped in bouncy fibre. And a washable cover so your support lasts all night long 

Age 5 +
Perfect for hip discomfort  
Hold close and breathe  
Stays fresh and cool  
Gorgeous designs for your luxury bedroom 
For sore knees  - post and pre surgery
Zip cover for easy care  
Made in Ireland 

TESTIMONIALS - see more glowing 
reviews on the shop page

"My 16 year old daughter loves her new pillow. She uses it every night and when she’s lying in her back she lays it on her tummy. She has vagus nerve overstimulation so this allows her to relax. She is also getting better sleeps since she started using it, it’s a real comfort for her."
- LM Linda M
"From a therapeutic viewpoint, the value of the Siest Sleep Lollipop and Wishbone pillows lies in the fact that not only do they provide deep touch pressure, but they also provide opportunities for proprioceptive feedback as one hugs and cuddles the pillow during the night."
Dana Katz-Murphy, Occupational Therapist
"I love my beautiful Lollipop Weighted sleeper. I am falling asleep faster and sleeping quality has improved dramatically. It comforts me when I feeling particularly anxious and it helps to calm my mind. Amazing product! Thank you!" 
Adriana L
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