Weighted Sleep Pillow 

For Sleep Anxiety - Calm your mind 
For Sore hips & knees -  Won't go flat 
For Snoring - Try the new Firm feel
 MADE in Ireland for better Sleep

Reduce Sleep Anxiety 

Instant calm. Place sleeper on chest and breathe (Deep pressure therapy)

Fall alseep faster and stop phone scrolling

Decrease cortisol and boost serotonin. The weighted sleeper helps to centre you and calm your mind (Proprioception)

Support that doesn’t go flat

 ✓ Use to ease knee/ hip/ back discomfort 

Reduce snoring. Side sleeping is known to reduce snoring 

✓ The firm feel is perfect for adults as a side sleeping positional device 

✓ Place the pillow behind your back, to stop you rolling over - for sleep apnea and snoring
Weighted to help calm your mind
Perfect for hip discomfort  
Hold close and breathe  
Stays fresh and cool  
Super soft on your skin  
Feels like a hug  
Sleep on whatever is on your mind  
Weighted and soft - perfect combination  
Gorgeous designs for your luxury bedroom 
Bends to your body  
Zip cover for easy care  
Made in Ireland 
Perfect from 5+  
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