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What's the difference between a weighted blanket and a Siest sleeper?

What's the difference between a weighted blanket and a Siest sleeper?

Sleepers and weighted blankets are like sisters. Sisters with different special skills. In addition to being weighted - The sleeper has 3 special skills. It stays fresh, it's huggable, and very versatile. This helps you sleep.

I found weighted blankets were too hot and warm for me. Even the ones that say they are cooling. I'm not claustrophobic but I felt uncomfortable with a weighted blanket. Also my partner didn't like the weighted blanket in bed. Weighted solutions do bring deep comfort. I designed the Siest weighted sleeper to solve these problems of heat and claustrophobia. 

Hugs: The sleeper is weighted so it instantly helps you to relax. It is soft enough to feel luxuriously cosy too. You hold and hug it in your arms which naturally makes your body relax. The power of hugs and touch is only beginning to be truly understood. We all know the power nurses bring by simply touching someone's hand. It makes you feel safe. 

The Siest sleeper is wrapped in Tencel material. This is a sustainably made fabric and even more importantly it stays cool and fresh. 

Heat: Women entering perimenopause or menopause have 56% more sleep difficulties and get less sleep than they need. Sweaty nights can be frequent. This sleeper will remain fresh and cool which means you will want to have it close to help you sleep.  The material is moisture wicking so if you do sweat the material unlike silk wont get wet or damp. This is essential as you will wake up if your skin gets too wet. The sleeper like the weighted blanket is designed to provide sleep comfort. 

Versatility. The smaller, more portable size allows it to work whether you sleep alone or with a partner. The size works for children (5+) and adults alike. Because it can be moved around so easily, customers are using it for sore hips, under knees, behind neck when reading, on laps during a stressful meeting. 

If you need to get your sleep back on track, the sleeper is the thing for you. It brings calm and comfort. The beautiful shape is also perfectly designed to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom. 

The value of this weighted sleep solution is clear.

“I can’t believe it's the same price as a fancy pillow case, this is actually going to help me sleep and will also be soft on my hair and skin”