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How one January Siest sleep habit - can help your Sleep problems

How one January Siest sleep habit - can help your Sleep problems

Triple threat used to be you could dance, sing and act. But at Siest we think of a triple threat as anything that affects your sleep.


Sleep problems and sleeplessness at night can affect you in three clear ways: 

  1. How you look, from your skin to your weight and metabolism,
  2. your reactions including your balance and strength and 
  3. lastly, your mind, how playful you feel, how quickly you lose your temper, how short your fuse. It sounds like a dream how much poor sleep can affect you but it's truly not.  


Right now you might be thinking about wellness resolutions, a New Year, and a new you. Changing too many habits in one go is impossible. To test this, think back to last year and your resolutions. More than one big one from exercising more, losing weight, changing jobs, meditating daily, and reading more is impossible to achieve together. 


For us, at Siest we like to keep things simple. Focus on your sleep difficulties. Start with changing one habit. And when you see progress move on to the next. 


Change one natural sleep habit. Consistently

When you sleep better, you can think clearly. You are able to make better decisions. You choose better foods, food that can make you feel amazing. You demand better relationships. You demand more from yourself. You become braver. Our weighted pillows are designed to improve sleep, calm your breathing at night and reduce sleep anxiety.

Today choose one sleep hygiene habit to change to improve your sleep problems. Medicinal weighted body pillows can aid in creating sleeping habits. They are pillows that help you relax, improve your deep sleep and improve your REM sleep.


A sleep hygiene habit is something incredibly simple that you have control over relating to your bedroom space, what you eat, and your technology use. 


January - Sleep Habits. Focus on your sleep. Prioritize it. Change One sleep habit. 

  • Make your bed every morning so it's nice to get into at night
  • Buy an alarm clock so you can leave your phone out of your room at night
  • Clean your sheets regularly (White & Green and Amurelle or gorgeous)
  • 5 minute room declutter before bed
  • No coffee after midday
  • Get and use a sleep spray like Voya 
  • Have a lovely warm night drink routine (like ovaltine or horlicks) 
  • If you go to bed hungry normally have a banana before bed
  • Stretch before bed for 60 seconds


Sleep anxiety and difficulty sleeping are bad for your health, it's just the health decline is not as obvious to others. But the impact of bad sleep is most obvious to you and people very close to you. One of the advantages of weighted pillows is they mimic being hugged or held at night which can cure sleep anxiety. You have to be very brave to confront your poor sleep and improve it.

You need to be more selfish. You must, some of the time, prioritize yourself. Imagine in one month you could look back and start feeling more like yourself and have less sleep anxiety. That's only 4 weeks which are the type of results our customers see from using weighted pillows to improve deep sleep. No time at all really. 

At Siest we support hopeful sleep with our medicinal pillows for deep sleep and relaxation. We know it is possible to improve your sleep. We support sleep consultants' advice for serious sleep challenges.

We also support small nightly changes that can help you be like yourself again. January is all about getting sleep basics in place. February we will move to step 2. 


By using our weighted soothing pillows to improve sleep some of our customers have: 

  • reduced their sleep anxiety and dependence on sleeping tablets
  • some recovering from cancer get more sleep comfort
  • highly sensitive people are sleeping better
  • some reduce the nagging hip pain to allow for better sleep
  • reduced snoring that keeps your partner awake
  • Many reduce their nighttime sleep anxiety to help them fall back asleep more easily

Small steps every night make all the difference. We help you “sleep on it”. Choose your sleep habit and start making small steps to great sleep that works for you today.