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Trouble sleeping and need to improve sleep anxiety?

Trouble sleeping and need to improve sleep anxiety?


A stressful day will impact your night. When life is moving quickly and feels out of control sleep can be hard to find.

This made me think about why we invented this sleeper.

The role of the weighted sleeper is to give you something else to concentrate on to relieve stress at night. To help reduce your sleep anxiety. It is a comforting weighted pillow to hug and it helps you sleep in the best position for you. Whether you have a sore knee, niggling back pain, or a stiff neck, the sleeper can be moulded to help you and allow you to sleep better. 

When I designed the sleeper I wanted something that would help calm my mind. It's not that I didn't already know that scrolling Instagram wasn't good for my sleep. I knew this. But I needed to break this habit. And I needed to do it in a way that was easy. Something that would bring me right into the present. The weight of the sleeper is enough to refocus your brain. This weighted body pillow is proven to calm your breathing and lower your heart rate at night to cure sleep anxiety.

Weighted blankets and weighted pillows for sleep anxiety have become more mainstream in recent years and not only for people with sensory challenges and needs. However, the worst issue that weighted blankets still have are - weighted blankets are too warm - no one wants to be too hot when they sleep, some feel claustrophobic, the full body weight doesn't work for everyone, and side sleeping can be harder under a weighted blanket. These weighted sleepers are medicinal pillows proven to reduce anxiety without making you feel claustrophobic.

Side sleeping is one of the first recommended solutions for reducing snoring, improving sleep apnea, calm your breathing at night, and improving heart flow. 

The Siest firm feels sleeper is not only useful for sleep anxiety, and sleeplessness it is also a positional pillow that can help you remain in a side sleeping position. It doesn't tie you to the bed, you are still free to move, but it's robust enough to help you remain in the position that you find most useful. 

The comfort of a weighted sleeper when you hold it is enough to help your busy mind start to slow down. Over a short space of nights, what happens is people associate their sleeper with a great night's sleep. They know if they hold it and sleep with their therapeutic pillow they will simply sleep better. 


When you sleep better I find that it is easier to make hard decisions. Decisions like leaving your phone out of the bedroom. This means when you wake up in the night you can hold your sleeper and calm your mind again. It becomes second nature that hugging the sleeper into your body will help you fall asleep. 


We know it's a new product so hard to imagine, that's why we offer a 30 days trial. 

We also offer FREE shipping in Ireland as a weighted product is expensive to ship.  

We know that we can't solve all the sleep difficulties and sleep challenges you face, but what a great way to start, with a solution that offers hope. We are a growing business in Dublin and are here to answer any questions you have. 

Try the weighted sleepers today. You can help someone feel more like themselves.