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For Valentines, which comes first great sex or great sleep?

For Valentines, which comes first great sex or great sleep?

Valentine's day, love it or hate it. It definitely gets some strong opinions. It can be filled with joy, giddiness and for some dread. Used to think this was linked to your relationship status. But now I think it's about how you feel about yourself. 

Do you spend more time worrying about the size of your thighs than how to get a great orgasm, do you look at more women in their bikinis on instagram then your average man. I showed my husband my insta feed recently and he started laughing saying I had more semi naked women on it than he expected. 

“Why do you have more naked women on your insta than me? 

Got me thinking. Why do women want to look at pictures of attractive women on social media ? I think it’s a feeling of insecurity which can make us feel unworthy - but really great sex is not linked to how you look. This got me thinking about Valentines and that pressure to be having great sex and looking amazing - instagram goes into overdrive with all the beautiful people in bikinis in Dubai or at candle lit dinners on a beach in the Maldives. 

Back in the real world why do so many of us really hate it? Is it linked to disappointment? Or because it's a day that the pressure to be sexy or fun or romantic is all too much. 

The pressure to be having a “super fun wild life'' again is back. Comparisons were halted for a bit when no one could do anything but now it's booming back with a vengeance.

But guess what.. the best thing you can do to ensure a lovely, romantic evening is being in good form and well rested. No need for a Michelin star restaurant or to lose six kilos in two weeks and climb into a satin piece of fluff!! The feedback I get from customers on how their love life has improved, once their sleep got sorted is too often to ignore the link.

I don't know all the answers but I definitely know about a great sleep.

When you get a great night's sleep you glow, you feel like you, you snap less. Personally I am always more in the mood for sharing my deliciousness when I sleep well. Which is better a great sleep or great sex and which comes first ? Many will choose to sleep but I think they are linked and what if a great sleep was added to the getting ready list. Date night preparations could look like this: 

  • Don't eat cauliflower (bloating is no one's friend) 

  • Glow sleep nap - 5 - 10 mins

  • Find something to wear you feel great in

  • Hair & makeup 

Renowned sleep consultant Colin Espie from Oxford university, is a fan of these super short power naps, I call them glow naps. Because they take away any surface anxiety I have and refocus and ground me. Also stops me scrolling. 

Feeling good about yourself is always key to great sex and sleep is one of those things that can fundamentally change your mindset. At a nervous system level.  Firm believer that if you get your sleep game on, your sex game will follow. Or at least you feel better about asking for what you want and don't want. We are all different. 

Siest sleep is the first Irish made weighted sleep pillow. Perfect to get you feeling like yourself again. For valentines, whether you go nuts and cover your house in love hearts or simply hold someone's hand and listen to them more deeply is completely up to you. 

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Warning: With Great sleep, life might appear brighter than it is.