Weighted Sleep Pillow
Hold ~ Hug ~ Sleep  

What does this weighted pillow help with? 

✔ Fall asleep faster and wake up less
✔ Reduce Sleep Anxiety 
✔ Also good for Humans with sensory challenges
✔ Instant calm when you place on your chest and breathe 
✔ Fall asleep faster with deep pressure therapy 
✔ Restless leg syndrome
✔ Increase oxytocin by hugging the sleeper 
✔ Place between knees to ease knee/ hip/ back discomfort 
✔ Reduce snoring - Place behind back to encourage side sleeping.
✔ Help sleep aponea. Side sleeping positional aid

For children 5+, teenagers and adults

What is the best size for me?  

Buy the shorter sleeper if you want: 
* Instant sleep comfort to calm a racing mind 
* For perimenopause & menopause glowy nights - cooling material
* To stop you scrolling on your phone at 3am
* To help with grief/ loneliness
* To reduce sleep anxiety
* Weight 1.5kg / Length 60cm approx 

Try the Bodysleeper if you want: 
* A longer style weighted pillow
* To reduce sleep anxiety
* Currently use a pillow between your knees for comfort - this won’t go flat 
* Want a full body hug to ease hip/ knee discomfort 
* To reduce snoring and improve sleep apnea by side sleeping - place it behind your back 
* Weight 2.5kg / Length 95cm approx 

CHILDREN from 5+, prefer the Wishbone SOFT feel sleeper - they like to curl themselves around it 

Free shipping Ireland - 30 Day trial Money back Guarantee 
Feel your stress slip away holding your sleeper

Reasons to LOVE 

✔ It helps you sleep 
✔ It helps your children sleep (5+) 
✔ Cooling Material won't get hot and sticky
✔ Works if you sleep on your own or with partner 
✔ Feels like a hug, you cuddle it in
✔ Use it with your existing pillow
Heavy enough to feel comforting. Not so heavy you need to lift weights 
Holds its shape all night long, doesn’t go flat like a pillow 
✔ Useful to ease knee,hip and back discomfort 
✔ Good for the planet - Sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing 
Irish hand made product 
✔ It calms your racing mind, quickly, helps you sleep
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