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Independent Research supports Siest Sleeper weighted Sleep pillow

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Siest Sleep Research results

A four week pilot investigation into usage of the Siest weighted sleeper potential for children with mild sensory related sleep challenges. Sleep is essential to day time performance for all children. Weighted products use children’s sensory processing needs to enable calming and comfort. 


+ Fall asleep faster = Improvement of 133%

+ Wake up less = 61%

So for example if a child would usually wake up six times, with the sleeper they woke up twice. 

This study aimed to look at the potential of the Siest Sleeper pillow in improving children’s sleep. The focus was on sleep latency, sleep quality and sleep associations of participants. This was a small pilot study and utilised questionnaires, sleep diaries and qualitative feedback to analyse the participants sleep and the impact of the Siest Sleeper


Sleep and its importance for childhood

It is estimated that between 25% to 40 % of children experience sleep problems during their childhood (Roberts, Harper, Bistricky & Short 2020). Reduced sleep quality has been associated with related difficulties in daily life for children. These include school related tasks such as attention, regulation and short term memory (Vasak, Williamson, Garden, & Zwicker 2015).

Poor sleep is also a factor in general mood regulation, maintaining energy levels and in general health and wellbeing (Golem et al., 2019). In summary daytime performance in all aspects of children’s lives can be negatively impacted by insufficient sleep.


Independent Siest Research Conclusion

These positive changes over a short period of time, indicates that Siest Sleeper had very beneficial outcomes for this group of children. The results demonstrate some very promising preliminary results for the development of Siest Sleeper as an evidence based non pharmacological therapeutic sleep tool for children. Latency, association, stand-alone interventions (simplicity)

This project has come about through funding from Enterprise Ireland. This report describes a pilot research project designed specifically to investigate the value of the Siest Sleeper for young people with mild sensory and sleep challenges.