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“Absolutely adore my Siest Sleeper. Didn’t need to get used to it, fell in love with it immediately”

— Catherine, Over 65  
“Since using the sleeper I am sleeping so much better and getting back asleep faster as well” 

— Rose, Over 35
“Never tried anything like it before or heard of such a product, but as a really comfy aid for sleeping it certainly is working for me” 

— Rachel, Over 40
“I like the attention to detail- glass to weight it, the shape, the nice casing - it’s very pleasant and comforting- I’m really enjoying it” 
— Nyla, Over 30
“This is great for Singles, those with anxiety, those who like naps, yogis, meditators, who is it not good for? 

— Jenny, Over 35
“I use the Siest in bed each night and also for doing some floor exercises for my back and my knees. I have it on my couch most evenings behind my back - I see it and I want to pick it up!” 

— Ellen, Over 65 
“Love that the packaging is reusable, minimal and recyclable” 

— Claire, Over 30
“Helps me with my unspeakable night sweats, most other things just make them worse - this stays cool” 

— Nina, Over 50
“I've previously been in a relationship and now single. It feels like a hug going to sleep. Helps with the occasional loneliness actually!” 

— Aine, Over 30