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Having perimenopause and menopause sleep issues? Why you probably want to try this.

Having perimenopause and menopause sleep issues? Why you probably want to try this.

Becoming someone who suddenly can't sleep can be a total shock. You've slept well all your life. Now you are wide awake when you hit the pillow.

You're waking up and unable to go back to sleep. You’re sweating like crazy and need to cool down!

This sudden change in itself brings so much stress. Then you're told this stress is bad for your sleep. Then you read that lack of sleep can cause dementia.

This can bring a whole new wave of stress. And the advice given? Just don't stress about it. Stressing about it will make it worse.  

It all feels like the worst Catch 22 poor sleep loop. And to be honest, this can make having poor sleep during perimenopause or menopause feel even more stressful.



  1. The weight of this orthopedic pillow quickly reduces anxiety.The fact that it feels like a hug in your arms will help slow your breathing. This medicinal pillow helps you relax at night and will improve deep sleep.
  2. Stays fresh and cool all night. One of the many advantages of weighted pillows is the cooling range is perfect for glowy sweaty nights. It's breathable and moisture-wicking so it's going to be extra soft on your skin and also will keep you feeling cool. 
  3. Increases serotonin.The power of pressure therapy pillows, which is simply weight being applied, encourages your body to produce some powerful feelings, these work to help you fall asleep by decreasing cortisol and increasing serotonin and dopamine.
  4. Comforting in times of change. It can be an unwelcome surprise to be awake in the middle of the night if you slept well previously. Simply having a weighted sleeper beside you to hold brings the same feeling as meditation. The Siest sleeper helps you be more present and will relieve stress at night. 
  5. Works instantly. There are two designs one for between the knees if you have hip or back pain but both are weighted body pillows and instantly huggable and help you feel minded. This is known to promote sleep.

We are becoming a society that finds it easier to talk about menopause. Without feeling awkward. Without feeling old.

Still a way to go but we are starting. We are making progress. Earlier this year a brilliant new menopause clinic started in Dalkey.

With appointments booked until mid-Summer, it's clear we need advice from people like Dr Caoimhe Hartley. We are lucky to have Dr. Brenda Moran in the Danu Menopause and PMS Clinic in Cork and Loretta Dignam in the Menopause Hub to name but a few of the experts in Ireland.

Last week at Siest we ran a mini sleep survey with a group of wonderful women. The results were shocking but not surprising.

Survey of 50 women from age 40+. Over 68% rated their sleep as poor. Poor sleep, in this instance, being 3 nights of poor sleep a week, for 4 weeks. 

And a third of the women said their sleep has become worse since the pandemic. It hit me hard. This is a group of powerful vibrant women who are struggling to do the most normal body activity. So what can you do? Talk to one of the excellent resources above and…

  1. Recognise it's normal for sleep patterns to change. First of all, be aware that menopause and perimenopause can definitely impact sleep quality and sleep patterns. Our heavy weighted pillows for sleep anxiety can help with the stress that comes along with these changes.
  2. Address it head-on. Recognizing a change is needed. Hard to hear but doing what you have previously been doing is not an option. 

You can improve your sleep, but wishing and hoping will not change anything. The good news is it is firmly in your control. 

The cooling range of Siest sleepers is fast becoming an essential sleep tool for women in perimenopause and menopause. What are people saying about the Weighted sleep pillow with the cooling cover?

“It's like feeling enveloped in a hug. You feel instantly more relaxed” 

“I've tried everything so it's nice to find something new”

“It reduces my anxiety which helps me relax, this makes me fall asleep more easily” 

“When I wake up sweating, the pillow is cooling enough that I want to hug it to fall back asleep”